14 January 2015

Size Matters

My new apartment is now fully accessorized.  I bought one of those flat screen LCD television sets.  A 40-inch Samsung since size matters.

See, the tromp tromp tromp of the marching boots of science finally came to my attention, and i discovered that these marvelous modern TV sets can be plugged into your computer and serve as a huge monitor.  Oh and occasionally i might even tune in one of the TV stations like PBS that i can get with the antenna.

Furthermore, advances in commerce have been so great that i paid less for this TV than i did for my dinky little two-foot monitor ten years ago back when money was still worth something.  And yes, the TV was made in Mexico, but at least it wasn’t China.  Not to be politically incorrect, but we don’t share a border with China.

And for once i have a fully appropriate photo for this post, Command Central at Mattegray.net.

Command Central at Mattegray.net



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