Ground Down

Late yesterday afternoon David and Sandy met me at my old place on Noe Street to pick up a few items, and then afterwards they drove us down to Basil since they’re major fans of Thai food and David had taken me to the second location for lunch last week.  His first visit, and he was so impressed that it was imperative for Sandy to try it, too, and at the original location since he’d not eaten there and i thought the menu choices were marginally better.

Their food really is fabulous, and i’m delighted to once again know a fine Thai place, actually two fine Thai places since the menus are different.  We had that chicken and potatoes in yellow curry and the larb gai salad that i’ve loved on both my previous visits as well as a duck in red curry that was excellent.  We also had one appetizer, a duck and sweet potato  combination in a fried pastry crust that was way better than it sounds.  While they marveled at my voracity, i ate as much as they did put together because i’d been so busy all day long that the only food i’d had was two cups of coffee.  The dinner downside was that i was so totally wound up and stressed over all the problems that i couldn’t stop talking.  I’d catch myself and ask them a question about how they and their kids were doing, and then a moment later realize i was motormouthing again.  Thank goodness for dear friends who can be understanding in times like these.

Got up this morning and, no, still no elevator, phone, or internet service, which is starting to grind me down, but in between painful climbs to the Lounge here on the fifth floor where there’s a wifi connection, i’ve at least got some more unpacking done and am building an increasingly high stack of boxes to be hauled to my storage cage in the basement should the elevator ever be restored.

The major excitement today was going back over to the old place so Jeff could load up the washing machine and some other stuff i’m giving him.  And grab a few loose items to bring over here, plants and more of the contents of my refrigerator.

And while i was there, i put a few items out at the curb in front of the empty house next door for street scavengers.  Over the years i’ve picked up a number of useful items in good condition myself, so now it’s payback time.

OK, and folks have been clamoring for pics of my new building to go along with that exterior shot from last week, and i realized that i could just take some out of my camera and stick them onto this little notebook, so here’s the first one.


Well hey, without an elevator i’ve been spending too much time in stairwells.


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