The Magnificent Move

The great move has taken place.  Bekins showed up this morning, 21 November, and as usual they were a marvel of professionalism and got me moved into the new place in something like five hours, including some extra time helping me reassemble that bed of mine with the drawers underneath.   That was the easy part, but after that, problems began to arise.

As usual, most of them self inflicted, like my having brought way too much stuff to stuff into a one bedroom apartment, so now i’m faced with the need to get a number of things hauled away.  The good news is that included in the rent is a big storage cage in the basement where all the boxes of books are now stashed and where i can stick a few more things until i decide how to dispose of them.

On the other hand, in the not-my-fault category is that when i plugged my phone into the wall jack, i got no dial tone, and when i plugged the router in it sat there like a stone.  And when i tried using my mobile phone to call in a shrill complaint to Sonic, i discovered that my minutes had expired, and since i let the renewal deadline pass i now have to go to a T-Mobile store the get the thing working again.

So the temporary workaround is to come up here to the fifth floor to the lovely Lounge  that bristles with amenities including wifi access, where i used Skype to call the Sonic Scum – formerly known as my Perfect ISP, Web Host, and Phone Provider – only to discover that it’ll be several days before they can get a thumb-fingered lout here to fix my damn jack.

Surely you don’t expect a pic today since i’m writing this on my little notebook and all my pics are safely stored on my desktop PC.  Oh, but wait, here’s one leftover on this notebook from last August.

Do Not Enter

The move itself was the easy part,

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