Lovely New Place

I’m moving to my lovely new place during Thanksgiving week!  The more i learn about it, the better it gets.  I’ve already raved about some of the advantages, but there are more.

In the first place, i’ve never lived anyplace anywhere near as gorgeous.  The apartments are deliciously handsome, and the public areas, which are extensive, are if anything even lovelier, beautifully appointed and landscaped to death, inside and out.  And of course there’s free wi-fi for the tenants in the public areas so you don’t lose connectivity when you’re out of your apartment.  There’s ample storage space downstairs for my books and music system while i get the bookcases installed/built.

I’m totally jazzed about this move, as the location is far superior, at least for my tastes, since it’s much more convenient for my shopping and is not at the top of a steep hill.  Of course there’s no view, but after twenty years where i am now, the magnificent view has become just wallpaper.  Although that may change after i don’t have it:-)

Meanwhile, speaking of lovely new places, our Congress sure is about to turn this country into one, what with all the new committee chairmen who’ll be taking over in January.  In charge of Environment, there’s Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, who calls global warming a “great hoax” sponsored by Barbara Streisand and will redirect attention to more important matters.  Taking over in Energy and Natural Resources is Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, who’ll open Alaska’s offshore fields and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling as well as pushing to restore the United States to world leadership in coal production.  Alabama’s Jeff Sessions in Budget will tackle expensive programs like Medicaid and food stamps in order to balance the budget without raising taxes.

Agriculture will be led by Kansas’ Pat Roberts, who’ll slash all the wasteful spending on food stamps for the poor and healthy lunches for school kids.  Leading Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs will be Alabama’s Richard Shelby, who’ll push for the deregulation of banks and Wall Street as well as reining in the vociferous Consumer Protection Financial Bureau.  Utah’s Orrin Hatch is pledged to cut funding for our lavish Obmacare.  Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander will help by modernizing the FDA and the NIH and will also be working on reforming Obamacare.  And Georgia’s Tommy Isakson will focus on privatizing Veteran’s Administration health care.

With leadership like this, once again we’ll be in the forefront of nations, and we won’t even have to sit and wait for long.

sitting and waiting


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