4 November 2014

Matte’s Moving

OK, folks are wondering how come i didn’t tell nobody about this before it was a done deal.

Well, hell, if i’d done that, i’d have given people a chance to talk some sense into me…like all my friends with lots of money who’ve been strenuously advising me to just stay where i am.

But hey, i’d been getting tireder and tireder of twisting in the wind waiting for my number to come up for the senior housing i’m on the wait list for, and a week or so ago i was rolling down Market Street and saw a sign advertising rentals at one of the new apartment buildings that are sprouting like mushrooms.  Hmmm, i thought, why not go in and ask.

And yes, it’s expensive, but i’ve done the math and have enough money left to stay there for a few years.  Actually, the problem may be that i’ll like it too much because the more i learn about the place the better it seems.  I’m going into a one-bedroom apartment, but the rooms are large and that’s plenty for me, especially since this place is starting to echo because  i’ve been lightening ship for ten years.

One expense i hadn’t anticipated is that i’ll need a new car.  What!!!??? Get rid of my beloved Prius with only 42000 miles on it and it only eleven years old in December and barely broken in?   Well, see, the problem is that the place has a garage, and it would hardly make sense, would it, to garage a vehicle that had never been in one.  Probably make it sick with claustrophobia or something.

Anyhow, the official move in date is 28 November, but the progress i’m making in packing everything that i’m not getting rid of suggests that i’ll be able to move on the 21st, the day after it becomes available.  Fair amount left to do, though, and i need to do some more measuring to make sure the furniture i’m planning on taking will fit without crowding.  That and arranging with friends to haul off the stuff that’s not going.  But still, i’m excited about this move, whenever it happens.

And here’s the building.


Venn on Market



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