Want to play little online games that start easy and then grow utterly diabolical in their difficulty?

Want to participate in an online study of brain function.  Your addled brain!

Want to contribute to the advance in medical understanding of brain function that will hopefully lead to improvements in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and senile dementia?

Join the great cause at Brain Health Registry.  Click on the damn link, folks, especially those of you “of a certain age”.

Before you’re ready to play their little games, they warn you repeatedly that the games are designed to be difficult.  They’re right, but they give you tiny crumbs of success at the beginning before they start clamping down, and then when you’ve reached a nadir of despair, you get to move to a new game and have a bit of success before the nightmare begins again.

Do it for science.  Hell, something may come of this in time to help you.

The other thing i do to try to keep my mind alive is take pics.  Finally got a halfway decent shot of Mona Caron’s new murals on 14th Street, and yes, i coulda cropped the pic but do that rarely since it feels like cheating.



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