19 October 2014

The Magic Typewriter

This morning’s Chronicle had a long story about the political career of Jerry Brown, and i found it highly entertaining and informative.

But it omitted an incident that i found one of the most interesting of his minor coups.  Back when he was California Secretary of State in the early seventies, his office discovered that one of Nixon’s lawyers owned a magic typewriter.  It had written up a deed that supported one of Nixon’s enormous income tax deductions, and Brown’s keen eyed staff after a bit of digging found that the deed was dated several months before the typewriter had been manufactured.  Well yes, a time-traveling typewriter.

Not that this had any significant impact on Nixon’s departure from office since in the first place most folks were just fascinated by this miraculous machine and either openly or secretly wished their lawyers had access to it, but more importantly, the Watergate incident blew up and there was larger game to pursue.

Still, that discovery was for me Brown’s shining hour.


And speaking of shining hours, here’s the first bloom off my Phalaenopsis, no idea what the species is, but i still love it since this is only the second time in my life that an orchid has ever bloomed for me.  Well, see, they don’t respond well to the same care i give my Haworthias.



And a shot into its mouth.



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