10 October 2014

Dangerous Weapons

There’s a reason for the dearth of recent blog posts:  I’ve been adding material to my new main menu item, Bridges.  Click on that and take a look.  The next submenu item will be “The Drawbridges of Amsterdam”, which i’ll assemble from photos taken on my visits there but which will take some time.

Meanwhile, i was delighted to discover that i had not, in fact, lost almost all the photos i’d taken of the Sundial Bridge on my visit there in 2004, so i was able to flesh out my coverage of that bridge with additional photos.  Not that i still shouldn’t stop by there next summer for better photos.

Now i’ll get busy taking more bridge photos locally, and of course i’m thinking i might as well go ahead and buy myself a DSLR camera as if somehow having decent equipment might spur me to take better photographs.  That said, many of my friends might feel that giving me more powerful tools would be akin to providing an Apache attack helicopter to the Ferguson, MO police department.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic i took in Northern California on my return from Oregon in August.  I”m titling it “Open”.


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