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It has come to this:  FBI Director James Comey is now blasting Apple and Google for developing cell phone encryption that cannot be easily decrypted.  Well yes, what if one of those phones fell into the hands of an American?

He’d be able to say something that could not be easily decrypted, and we can’t have that, now can we?  I mean, the whole point of the surveillance state is to make sure that nothing citizens do, nor word nor deed nor line of text, escapes government scrutiny.  And yes, yes, the NSA can decrypt pretty much anything, given time, but why would a loyal American wish to inconvenience the NSA by making it difficult for them?  Naw, that silly old Fourth Amendment stuff about the government needing a reason to spy on a citizen is outmoded in today’s rapid paced world.

I don’t want to sound like one of those old farts spewing doom and gloom, but i do think we’re running out of time here and that if we don’t start squealing to our congress creatures now, it’ll be too late and we’ll all be under a police state that would make the Gestapo, the Stasi, and the NKVD green with envy.

Me, my senators have gone over to the dark side, particularly Dianne Feinstein, who got all bent out of shape when the CIA spied on her staffers but feels it absolutely necessary that our government maintain 24/7 surveillance on the rest of us as our main line of defense against The Terrorists.  And i’ve been sending her eloquent letters suggesting that she give her constituents, not to mention the rest of America, a break, so any day now i expect to hear loud noises on the street and a highly amplified voice shouting “We know you’re in there, Gray!”

But maybe your members of congress are amenable to reason.  Wouldn’t hurt to write ’em.

But better hold off on getting one of those new, encrypted Apple or Google phones since the very possession of one will make you a Terrorism Suspect.  Besides, knowing Google and Apple as we do, they’ve probably already put back doors into those phones, and Director Comey is just uttering his squeals to make you think you’ll have some privacy and then say Something Naughty…a classic sting operation.

Here’s a light of reason shining into Luscious Garage.

skylight at Luscious Garage

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