23 September 2014


Ðis post is not, æs it might appear, just anoðer of my plugs for ðe reinstatement  into modern English of “ashes” (Æ,æ), the vowel in modern English “at”) æs well æs “eths” (Ð,ð) and “thorns” (Þ,þ), representing ðe voiced and unvoiced ‘th’ sounds respectively.  No indeed.  Ræðer, it’s because i really do þink some of my readers might get æs much of a þrill æs i do out of ðe coverage of Bárðarbunga on Daily Kos, and you can’t write Bárðarbunga wiþout an ð.  And yes, Daily Kos is so far left it’s practically communist, but you don’t have to look æt oðer links ðere.

Click here for a sæmple Bárðarbunga link.  Ðere’s a new post on ðis exciting volcæno frequently on Daily Kos, but you hæve to look for Bárðarbunga in ðe Recommended section of ðe menu on ðe right side.

Meanwhile, anoðer nætural phenomenon.  Æs ðe sun rises under ðe overcæst over ðe hill to ðe east of me, it paints a bænd across ðe hill to my west.

Sunrise on Twin Peaks

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