13 September 2014

Palin Outrage

One of America’s favorite families is in the news again, this time over a party brawl, and much outrage has been expressed.  Alas, the outrage that i’ve read is misplaced.

I mean, lots of good parties involve a brawl at some point near the end and often precipitating it, and i was OK with the whole thing until i got to the part where the Palins were recorded as leaving the party.  No no, not their leaving in a storm of cursing and obscene gestures.  That’s routine, even expected, among party-goers who’ve been asked to leave by the host.  What got me was their leaving in their stretch Hummer limousine.

Now that’s truly outrageous!

Meanwhile, a spectacular front porch treatment that i encountered in Washington owing to getting Garmined during my search for Mt. St. Helens.  I particularly like the roof decoration, and i can well imagine a party brawl at this site.

Front porch treatment

P.S.   Speaking of outrages, you can imagine mine when i googled “getting Garmined” in anticipation of finding myself the onlie begetter but discovered a blogsite called “Warpath West” where an entertaining and witty writer had beat me to this phrase.  A little too witty, if you ask me, and i wish him writer’s cramp.  No no, not writer’s block since that condition lacks the element of physical pain in writer’s cramp.

And speaking of writer’s cramp, i was about to explain for my under thirty readers what writer’s cramp was but then realized that the probability of my having a single under thirty reader is remote.


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