22 August 2014

Mission Accomplished

No, not in the Bushian sense that it will take me nine years to leave Portland after my declaration that the mission has been accomplished but rather that the moment i photographed the film canister i’d dropped off the edge of the viewpoint in memory of Robert Landsburg, i understood that i’d done everything i’d really wanted to do on this trip.

So this morning i set out toward home, and when i got to the turnoff leading to the Trinity Alps, where i’d planned to spend the night and do some sightseeing, i looked at the time and realized i could just drive straight on through and get back to my own bed tonight.

Which i did.  And i don’t plan leaving it for a day or two.

Meanwhile, i’ve created a new item on the main menu,  Portland’s Bridges, where i’m trying to do a proper photo essay.

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