12 August 2014

Curses, Foiled Again

I’ve written before about my fabulous internist, Dr. Jennifer Ross, and her knack for popping my bubbles.  Well, she’s still at it.

Yesterday she was conducting my annual physical, and i leaped off the scale at 146 pounds, prancing around and demonstrating that i could again wriggle into all those old Dockers in my closet.

Her response?

Stop losing weight.

When i protested that i wanted to get down under 140 so as to lose the rest of my belly, she explained that in the first place a man my age is supposed to have a little belly owing to normal fat redistribution, and in the second place, my BMI should not be any lower, considering that i need to keep some fat to draw on for energy when i get sick.

I was crushed.

But then stopped by Belly Burger on the way home for a pork belly sandwich and, wanting some dessert, grabbed a Pomme d’Amour at Knead Patisserie.  And then on the following day had a banana and a pint of chocolate ice cream so as to get myself back up to a healthy 148.

And hey, she’s not fat, but here’s an interesting Balmy Alley mural.


Balmy Alley mural


P.S. – The morning paper was full of the news of Robin Williams’ death, and i’ll always remember his wonderful line: “I can walk down the streets in San Francisco….and here i’m normal.”

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