9 August 2014

Greengage Jam

Well, yes, my dedicated readers will perhaps recall a previous post titled “Confiture de Reines Claudes” in which i wrote about tracking down a French recipe for this delicacy and preparing it.

Truly dedicated readers will remember that “Reine Claude” is the original French name for the plum now called the Greengage in English-speaking lands.

So a Greengage Jam is just a Confiture de Reines Claudes in English.  Oh, and using my own standard jam recipe, which mainly differs from the French version in the addition of a shredded apple and the use of rather less sugar.  (The French recipe called for 1 kg. of sugar for 1.6 kg. of plums while i used 1 qt. of sugar for 2.5 qts. of chopped plums.)

I didn’t cook the jam as long as i did the confiture, trying to preserve the green color, but what happened was that the jam didn’t set nearly as well and was still only faintly green.

Sure does taste good, though.

And here’s a shot of the fresh plums.

Greengage plums



OK, and enough about plums.

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