7 July 2014


Another wonderful encounter on the streets of San Francisco.

Last Wednesday i was with my friend Andrew Segwaying through the Castro Farmers’ Market to buy the blackberries and rocket for the Arugula, Blackberry, and Gorgonzola salad i’d be taking to a Fourth of July garden party and had just discovered that my vendors had entered into a conspiracy and had agreed that none of them would bring rocket or wall rocket to the market that day.  Grrrrr.

So i decided i’d just fall back on my ever popular potato salad, my secret being to substitute boiled egg for about half of the potatoes, which reduces the carbohydrate count while improving the taste.  Win win.

And then i was accosted by a pretty young woman who exclaimed, “Matte!”  Of course i didn’t know her name, so she gave me a clue, “I really just recognized you by the Segway since i’d never seen you without blood all over your face.”

OK, that narrowed it down.

But before i could go through the process of elimination – i mean, relatively few women have seen me on the streets of San Francisco with blood all over my face – she identified herself as Charity.  Oh, of course.  And no wonder i failed to recognize her since i was, after all, rather smashed up the only time i’d seen her when she’d staunched the blood flow and escorted me to the ER at Davies last December.

And thank goodness i had a jar of Nectarine Jam with Yellow Thai Chiles with me that i could give her, she and Ben having resisted my earlier attempts to meet them to hand over a reward.

Dontcha just love symmetry!

And speaking of symmetry, here’s my A. tabuliforme with its inflorescence fully formed and the blossoms about to open.


Aeonium tabuliforme


Here’s what it looked like a month earlier when i first noticed that it was sprouting an inflorescence.  I don’t have  a photo of it from a few days earlier when it was still flat as a table.

Aeonium tabuliforme

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