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I have long regretted that our magnificent English language, for all its richness and diversity, lacks a word to describe the child of one’s cousin and forces speakers into the torturous complexity of “first cousin once removed”.  Oh please. So as a dedicated lover and user of the language, i’m leaping into the linguistic breach and creating “fuzzin”.  But wait, you say, shouldn’t that be spelled “fousin” to honor its roots?  Actually not because no English speaker presented with that spelling would pronounce it correctly.  Thus, “fuzzin”, rhyming with “cousin”.

Anyhow, my favorite fuzzin (at least when she’s in my sight) was here on a business trip, stayed over on the weekend, and gave me Sunday.  Ha!  But oh, the planning.

My first thought was that we could just hop from patisserie to patisserie all morning, take a break for rest, and then hit another five or six throughout the afternoon.  But then i realized oh wait, she’s a woman and thus will want to eat some vegetables.  So decided on picking her up at the St. Francis and taking her to the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market so she could see a downscale market to compare with the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market, which she’s already seen, while we worked up an appetite.  And then take her off to Yank Sing in the Rincon Center for a dim sum lunch.

Yank Sing is such a joy.  Gorgeous setting, very well managed, and delicious food.  Expensive?  You bet, but what did you expect for San Francisco’s dim sum palace? You go here for special occasions.

I began the meal by trying to establish some credibility by ordering a tea by name, so i ordered pu ehr (), my favorite.  They understood instantly what i wanted and were kind enough not to mention that since i was ordering it in a dim sum restaurant, common sense required that i use the Cantonese name bo lei.  Damn me, i’ve been using the wrong name for 35 years, but since i kept getting what i wanted, i discovered my error only while checking spellings for this post.

Can’t recall all the dishes we had, but all were delicious, and among them were the xiao long bao (小笼包), those spectacular Shanghai dumplings filled with soup that are not traditional dim sum but are popping up more and more frequently, the har gao ()  that great rice flour steamed dumpling stuffed with shrimp, an utterly delicious asparagus dish with an ineffable light sauce, an excellent scallop dumpling, the stuffed crab claws that i can never pass up, a couple more things i’m blanking on, and of course for dessert the daan taat (蛋撻) a flaky baked tart filled with a yummy egg custard.  Whew.  Oh, i left out the best part of the lunch:  April picked up the check.

And then some token sightseeing including Julius Castle but mainly featuring Coit Tower, where i learned that the famous murals were not, as i’d said, by Diego Rivera but in fact by a variety of muralists including Rivera.

Dropped her off at the Saint so i could have a three-hour nap, then picked her up again for Part II.  We began with a tour of Dandelion Chocolate, where April was duly impressed with the chocolate factory assembly line.  She was also so impressed with the chocolate that she bought a couple of bars and one of their confections.  We were of course interested in the hot and cold chocolate drinks but abstained, being on the way to dinner.

Ah yes, dinner.  Where else could i take her but Company, far and beyond my favorite restaurant now with its combination of relaxed, neighborhood charm and splendid food.

And i’ll save a description of dinner for my next post, which will be another review of Company.  Suffice it to say that we ate well and thoroughly.  I just love people who like being led to good food.

Meanwhile, speaking of food, here’s a new item at Rainbow Grocery:

Vegan dog food at Rainbow Grocery



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