The Guns

Guns have been much in the news of late in America, triggered by the Isla Vista massacre and some more school killings, but the story that has most fascinated me is the Open Carry incidents in Texas, the NRA denunciation of the Carriers as idiots and then its subsequent backtracking as it decided that it needed to continue to pander to its base.

Jon Stewart pointed out, almost in passing, that there did seem to be something of a conflict between the NRA positions in favor of Open Carry and Stand Your Ground since someone in a restaurant invaded by a pack of Open Carriers could very well logically assume that his life was in danger and that he should preemptively gun down the Carriers before they started shooting at him.  To that i’ll add that once some Carriers have been shot upon entry, they’ll feel a need to simply go in shooting.  To preemptively protect themselves.  Ummmm, yes, so we’ll all be safe.

Which gets me to thinking about the whole armed citizenry bit and realizing that if everyone in that Aurora theater had been good men with guns, they could have emptied their magazines into James Holmes as soon as he fired his first shot.

And just think how much better everything would have turned out in that case.

War zone?  You be the judge.


War zone

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