Maggie Gallagher

In case you don’t know who Maggie Gallagher is, she’s a hard line Roman Catholic, founder and former president of the NOM (National Organization for Marriage), a national organization created in 2007 to support California’s notorious Proposition 8 and focused on attacking gays in general and gay marriage in particular.

She’s been in the news since her post titled “Cooper, Mozilla, Firefox” yesterday on her blog.  Most of the commentary on her post that i’ve seen seems to feel that Gallagher is giving up in her fight against the gays, the Daily Kos actually titled their entry “Maggie Gallagher Throws in the Towel?”  Others have taken out of context one sentence in her post that makes it sound as if she’s reformed and will no longer be persecuting gays.

Oh please.

I cannot imagine how anyone who actually reads that entire horrifying post (here’s the link again) can imagine that she’s given up or has any desire to halt her campaign against gays.  On the contrary, the post argues that since they have lost their recent battles against gays and that their existing tactics are clearly no longer working, what they must do is develop new tactics (and get supporters to contribute more money to them) so they can redouble their efforts against the gays.

Perhaps the most hideous aspect of her post is what she calls “the Love problem”, which is that since we love our gay children anyway, even though they are gay, we must delicately tiptoe around this love and find a way to continue our persecution of them, a concept at the heart of Roman Catholic theology – the ability to love someone while burning him at the stake.

I call that a major problem, but it makes her an implacable enemy.  She’s not throwing in the towel but, rather, intent on becoming a wilier adversary.

Here’s a pipe draining something into Islais Creek.  Alas, the Smellorama function on my camera is disabled.

pipe into Islais Creek


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