Farmers’ Markets Revisited

Following through on my promise to provide more material about farmers’ markets, i’ll start with three of my favorite vendors at the Castro market.

First, another mention of Shelly’s eggs.  They really are dramatically more delicious than grocery store eggs, and i’ve never tasted an upscale egg that vied with them other than the few Nash brings to the Alemaney Farmers’ Market, and he’s usually sold out before 8:00 AM.  Oh, and finally Shelly let me take a pic of her… after i reminded her that she’s here to sell eggs, not be all made up for a special dinner, which is why she’s laughing.

Shelly's Farm Fresh Eggs

Oh, and what else do you do with eggs besides creaming them with asparagus?  Well, how ’bout a potato salad made with nearly as much boiled egg as potato?  Plus all the usual ingredients and lots of chopped red onion to give it more texture and taste.  Upping the egg ratio increases the protein, lowers the carbohydrate count, and pleases our doctors.

Next stop, East & West Afghan Gourmet Food.  They do a very good eggplant casserole that you can just stick in the microwave, and i like some of their sauces, but what keeps me going back is their spinach bolani.   Oh. my. goodness.  I’ve had spinach parathas  from a Sikh vendor at the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market that i just loved until i tasted these bolani, which are basically the same thing but with more spinach inside and even more delicious.  That said, the Sikh’s coriander sauce might be a tiny bit better.  On the other hand, he’s nowhere near as nice looking.

East West Afghan Gourmet Foods

I mentioned the nice young man at Alpine Blue Farm last time, but here’s a pic of him.  Oh, and he now has his blueberries.

Alpine Blue Farms

I’d said that i buy my asparagus from Cecchini at the Castro market, well i’m loyal to him, but i got this shot at the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market that i’ll use to show folks what California asparagus is looking like now.

California asparagus

Some wonderful things can be done with asparagus, but one favorite is to just blanch it for three minutes and serve it cold in a vinaigrette.  My other favorite is the Asparagus and Creamed Eggs from the old Joy of Cooking.

And now, some favorite vendors at the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market.

The fresh green garlic season is nearly over, but here’s what it looked like at the Herr’s stall.  No, ma’am, it’s the garlic.

Herr's fresh green garlic

And speaking of the Herrs, here’s their snow peas that i wrote about pickling.

Herr's snow peas

A new favorite at the Noe Valley market, Garden Variety Cheese.  Breathtakingly delicious raw sheep’s milk cheeses.  Expensive, but i’m worth it.

 Garden Variety Cheese

I’d mentioned becoming a fan of the sourdough loaf from Sour Flour.  Here’s what they look like all stacked up.

Sour Flour

Gosh, looking at all that good food made me hungry for politics, so i’ll close by mentioning that it doesn’t look like Big Sister Feinstein is going to see her hypocrisy in wanting to keep me under 24/7 surveillance while objecting to government spying on herself.  No, just the opposite.  The other day a few citizens had gathered in the street in front of her mansion to articulate their concerns, and when she peeked out from behind the curtains and saw a toy helicopter out there, she went ballistic and called in a drone strike.  Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and she was convinced that we don’t yet have the drone capability to take out little airborne targets without way too much collateral damage, at least in this country and most especially not in Pacific Heights.  Besides, the authorities reassured her that everyone out there had been thoroughly photographed from multiple angles and the photos filed, stamped “Keep Forever”.

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