March Food Festival

OK, i’m calling it a festival, but it’s really just a smörgåsbord of culinary updates.

In the restaurant news, i keep going back to Company and continue to find it my perfect match with its combination of charming and friendly staff, relaxed and quiet atmosphere, and superb food – the latest delight being perfectly sauteed scallops on a bed of impossibly tiny black lentils, a combination i’d never dreamed of that worked wonderfully.

Another good experience in dining out occurred when i worked up my nerve to give Dante’s Table a second chance after the disappointing first visit.  This time i confined myself to a Bianca Pizza and am much relieved to be able to say that it was delicious, one of the better pizzas i’ve had lately.  You are forgiven, Dirk, and i’ll be back.

The bad news is that Pearl’s Deluxe Burger will be closing next week its outpost at 6th and Market, rent raised more than they could pay and still break even, so to get the best burger bargain in the city you’ll have to go to their other location at Post and Jones.  Can you get a better burger downtown?  Sure, but not at that price, not even close.


About fresh bread, there is now a competitor to the Acme sourdough baguette and the Thorough Bread baguette, the loaf from Sour Flour, which you can get at a number of places in the city (see their Locations) but which i get at the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market, where they are currently hidden in the far back corner at the Stall From Hell reserved for the newest vendor.

It’s so rich and flavorful that you can slice it very very thin, surmount it with some Gouda, sprinkle it with black sesame seeds, and throw it in the toaster oven until it’s all crisp and bubbly.

"Sour Flour" bread toasted with Gouda and black sesame seeds


Regarding the fresh produce, we’re well into green garlic season, and i’ll be serving it braised as a green vegetable to visiting Canadians later this week.

And joy of joys, Cliff Hamada is now bringing to market Marsh grapefruit.  No, not from his groves, since the Marsh grapefruit is virtually extinct, but personally plucked from the old tree beside his house.

Finally, my friend Carol dropped by yesterday with a big paper bag of her Rangpur limes. Get in line, folks, as they sure do make fine marmalade. I went in the kitchen this morning to start prepping them and discovered that she’d not only picked and delivered the damn things but also washed them for me.  Hell, it looks like she detailed them with a toothbrush.

I mean, is she angling for two jars outta this batch?

And speaking of jars:  Does a Bay Area reader have a use for a couple dozen quart-size canning jars, a mixture of various brands (Mason, Kerr, etc), some traditional lid and some wide mouth, all with screw bands but no lids.  I make nothing in quarts and want to pass these on to someone who can use them.  Here’s the Contact Form, or call me.


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