Barry Redux

OK, one last post on Barry, as  I find myself missing him profoundly.  He’s one of those cases like my former barber Wess at Viking who i didn’t know meant so much to me until he suddenly died.

So to get some closure i did a little digging around online and came up with the following collection of links where people other than myself had written online about Barry:

Scott James

Vince Blaskovich

Paul D Quin

Kytha Gernatt

Jay Barmann

Roy McKenzie


And to this i’ll add links to some local agencies that help the homeless, not so much in hopes that you’ll be dropping dimes on them (in a benign sense) but rather that you’ll be able to speak knowledgeably about available services when you’re trying to talk them into getting help:

Homeless Outreach Team  The more i read about this group, the more impressed i get.  They just made my Donations list for 2014.

Human Services Agency of SF

Episcopal Community Services   Look, i do not normally have anything good to say about Christian churches since they’ve all been such enemies of gays, and it is my intent to fight back against those bastards for the rest of my life.  Still, the Episcopal Church was the first (or at least the second) Christian church to treat gays as fully equal human beings, and i have to applaud that even though it was less than twenty years ago.  That action has also opened my eyes to the other good they do, and it is painfully obvious that even though all Christian churches practice public charity to some degree, none of the others comes even close to the generosity of the Episcopal Church.  Good for them.

SF Department of Public Health Homeless Services

Mission Neighborhood Health Center

Homeless Resource Center   This is a branch of the Mission Neighborhood Health Center, above, that is focused on the homeless.

And since we’re focused on the neighborhood today, here’s a row of Castro Street victorians as seen from my balconette with a zoom lens.  My great regret is that i did not have the equipment to photograph at nighttime twenty years ago these and their three neighbors to the right before the right-hand three were obscured by trees.

Castro Street Victorians


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