Aux Barricades

OK, time to slip back into my leftist agitator mode. I got an email a couple of days ago asking me to slip a little piece of code into my website that would display this banner soliciting others to add the banner to their websites.

Well, i’d have been happy to stick their code in, but unfortunately i can’t find the damn closing </body> tag, it being tucked away somewhere safe from my meddling fingers.  So you’ll just have to click on that link in the previous paragraph to see what i’m talking about.

Or not, since it’s just more whinging about the NSA’s intelligence gathering, against which we all should be putting up some resistance.  And that said, in some breaking news yesterday it was revealed that owing to the tremendous increase in cell phone traffic the past several years (as evidenced by the virtual absence of pedestrians and bicyclists in San Francisco who do not have a cell phone in their hand), the NSA has recently been able to gather only about 30% of Americans’ phone conversations.

Senator Big Sister (Stasi – CA) has not yet had a press conference on this subject, but i expect her to shortly to announce that this failure on the part of the NSA has left Americans only 30% safe and that the NSA budget should be increased by 300% so they can return to gathering 100% of our calls, thus keeping us 100% safe.

And yes, do go ahead and click on this banner link.

Meanwhile, here’s a barricady sight down near Rainbow Grocery.


red shirt and dumpsters

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