2013 Awards

So much for all that tedious Desert Tour stuff, now it’s time to get back to worthwhile issues, my awards for groundbreaking performances in 2013.

The first award goes to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for his seminal work in the promotion of gay marriage.  Now, i know you’re thinking that Scalia is a foam-spewing homophobe and indefatigable foe of any kind of justice for gays.  And yes, he’s voted against gays at his every opportunity, and in Lawrence vs. Texas (legalizing consensual sodomy) in 2003 and U.S. vs. Windsor (the DOMA repeal)  in 2013 he wrote scathing minority opinions declaring that, among other harms, these decisions would fling wide open the door to legalization of gay marriage.

How prescient he was.  Just before Christmas a federal judge in Utah struck down Utah’s prohibition of same sex marriage, quoting extensively from Scalia’s Windsor opinion and agreeing that Scalia’s logic was unexceptionable.  Thank you, Justice Scalia.

So now, in spite of the hysterical screaming of the Mormon hierarchy, gays are flocking to city halls all over Utah to get their marriage licenses while the Mormons are appealing to the US Supreme Court to preserve their God-given right to force gays to remain second class citizens.

And on a lighter note while we’re talking about gays, the Supreme Court’s takedown last summer of California’s Mormon and Catholic-sponsored Proposition 8 forbidding gay marriage was met with much local rejoicing, great and small, one of the small examples being reported by Leah Garchik.  There’s a new sandwich now widely offered in local shops – the GLBT.  It’s an LBT with guacamole.

And since my archives are unaccountably missing a photo of Justice Scalia in drag, i’m forced to submit this shot of the 2013 Gay Santa Run, featuring a number of Santa’s sisters.


Gay Santas and their sisters


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