Rina’s Here

In preparation for Rina’s visit i had the Prius watched over by mechanics of loving grace last week at the dealer (a recall) and Luscious Garage (45K maintenance), and then yesterday i had it scrubbed squeaky clean inside and out at the car wash.

[And for the younger generation, the reference above is not to the television documentary but rather to Brautigan’s poem that preceded it by forty years.]

And then in the countdown to her visit last night i experienced the perennial problem faced by buyers of trick-or-treat candy – overestimation of the number of trick-or-treaters, the subsequent oversupply of candy, and the traditional method of dealing with this overabundance.  To paraphrase my friend Bob’s observation, “Who knew a bag of Kit-Kats could be such a satisfying supper?”

But my heart did not stop in the night from skyrocketing blood sugar, so i managed to pick Rina up at the airport and got her home safely, where we hung out for three hours and discovered yet another thing we had in common:  our hearing aids both take the same battery.  Oh, and that somehow neither of us got around to starving himself svelte before the visit.

Then we hit We Be Sushi (Good sushi at fair prices) on ever more vibrant Valencia.  And since we were on Valencia, i introduced her to Dandelion Chocolate, where the assembly line was running at full tilt, fully manned with chocolate elves, Cam himself fine tuning the wrapper system.

And since this post is such a grab bag, i’ll end it with a pic of an impossible-to-photograph house at 518 Noe Street.  Marvelous paint job:  and the words seemed tantalizingly familiar but i admit i had to Google to find the source.  On the facade are the complete lyrics to Pink Floyd’s “Echoes“.

I’ll try again to come up with a pic that does it justice, but for now this’ll have to do:

 Pink Floyd "Echoes"




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