Rina’s Visit

Great turmoil here as Rina arrives on Friday for a three-week visit.  Not ready.  I’m such an old male chauvinist.  When a guy’s coming to visit, i just throw him out some clean sheets and towels in the guest bedroom, but when a woman’s coming to visit i have to clean the damn house…or at least the kitchen and bathroom and at least superficially.

When a guy’s coming to visit there’s no need to make plans ’cause we’ll just take one day at a time, doing whatever we feel like doing.  This year i’m taking Rina on a week-long Great California Desert And Normal Town Tour, so for the first time in my life i’ve actually got out maps and planned routes and even made hotel reservations!!!!.  When guys are traveling you just stop when you’re tired driving and find a place to sleep, ideally with beds, toilet, and shower.

Hell, i once rearranged room functionality in anticipation of Charmazel’s visit, converting the old office into a real guest bedroom with an actual door.  And now in anticipation of Rina’s visit i’ve bought a memory foam pad for that bed and even a heated mattress pad.  With a guy, it’s just “You can sleep over there.”

Oh, and instead of using those old tee shirt halves as kitchen towels, i’ve put out some of the nice looking kitchen towels that women for some reason have been giving me over the years so that i now have a whole drawer stuffed with towels too nice to use unless there’s a woman in the house.

Luckily she’ll be gone before i’m completely civilized.  I mean, it would take more than three weeks.

Meanwhile, San Francisco is just full of lovely doors in the winter.  Here’s another one:

Lovely door

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