ENDA Solution

Some of us have been tracking the ENDA legislation currently before the Senate that would prohibit employment discrimination against gays.  As i mentioned in an earlier post, this legislation is vigorously opposed by the Roman Catholic hierarchy, most particularly by our very own Archbishop, who argued in a letter to the Senate last June that as boundless as his love for the faggots was, he could not approve of anything that smacked of supporting them because, like all human beings except for Roman Catholic clergy, they are likely to have sex.  And their being gay, their sex would be with each other, of which the Church disapproves.  Q.E.D., the church cannot allow protecting them from employment discrimination.

His Grace’s olympic leap of faith left me breathless, but this morning one of my eminently reasonable solutions occurred to me:  the path blazed by the Sultan of Brunei when he instituted Sharia law last week…but only for Muslims.

If we followed that sensible approach, Catholics (as well as the vast majority of other Christians) could be fired from their jobs for being gay, but the non-believers would be protected.

Oh, wouldn’t i just love hearing His Grace explain why the Sultan was wrong.

Either way.

Meanwhile, speaking of restrictions:

If You Block It

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