A Mountain of Mendacity

And no, fooled you.  This one’s not about the government.

Remember a couple of months ago when Snowden first started releasing material showing that all our tech communications companies were in cahoots with the NSA and turning over all our communications?

And then how the CEO’s of those companies – most particularly Google, Facebook, and Yahoo – fell all over themselves denying that they had had any knowledge of the PRISM program and suggesting that it must have been some third-tier engineer deep in the bowels of the company who had secretly and unilaterally cooperated with the NSA.

Yeah, sure.

Well, a couple of days ago Snowden let loose another bombshell, but this time it proved that Google, at least was NOT guilty of giving all our data away to the NSA.  No, indeed, they didn’t give away nuthin’.

In fact, the NSA was paying Google millions of dollars for this service.  Now i’m waiting for the explanation that a lowly clerk in the CFO’s office had received the multimillion-dollar check and, without telling anyone, immediately funneled it into one of those offshore accounts that Google uses to avoid paying taxes.  I mean, that must have been where the money went since there’s no record of it.  Well, at Google.

This is called “Do no evil.”

And not to let the government go unscathed, i’ll just wonder whether i’m the only damn American who remembers that back in the ’80’s Saddam Hussein used in his war with Iran chemical weapons that we had provided to him?  But that since they were used against Iran, we saw nothing wrong with either our selling them to him or his using them.  Nor did the Reagan Administration complain when shortly thereafter Hussein used chemical weapons against his own people, Iraqi Kurds.

But now, when Assad uses chemical weapons against rebels inside his own country, President Droner (credit to SAR for the epithet) is clamoring for congressional approval for an attack on Syria.

Oh goodie, let’s get involved in another war.

Here’s a good-looking and peaceful bush in a planter at Jane Warner Plaza.  Maybe the NSA can tell us its name:

at Jane Warner Plaza

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