Black Sitcom

I’m sitting here watching the drama unfold as our leaders keep backing down to “least untruthful” positions as their previous lies are exposed.  Actually, it’s a dystopian black sitcom in which the country is being turned into a plutocratic police state.

And yes, i admit that to expose the machinations of the police state is treason, and whether the perp thinks he’s doing it in order to save his country is of no import.  On the other hand, our nation’s founders deemed it self evident that secret government would by definition be tyranny.

I’m allowed to sit here bemoaning our trajectory only because 1) i’m such a tiny pipsqueak considering that there are harsher critics than me sitting in Congress, writing for major newspapers, and blogging their butts off, and 2) i haven’t had access to classified material for half a century.

We sure are living in interesting times.

To keep my mind off the spectacle of my country swirling down into the toilet, i’m distracting myself by making exotic jams and working on this new site.  I’m real pleased with the look and feel, but as we know from our business backgrounds, when you port any legacy system over to a new platform, you can expect some glitches.  And, oh there are plenty here.  Luckily, the problems are mostly confined to a couple hundred missing pics, which i’m now in the process of restoring.

Yep, bread and circuses will take my mind off the government.  The Romans figured that out.

Meanwhile, an interesting window treatment with black helicopter.  No, wait.  This one’s white:

Black Helicopter Window Treatment

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