4 August 2013

Horticultural Discovery

Papaver somniferum

It’s a Papaver somniferum i spotted growing over on Potrero Hill last spring. Since they apparently grow more or less wild all over the country, they don’t seem to be illegal unless you know what they are.

And how did i know about this?  Well, from an article by Michael Pollan in that font of illegal knowledge, Harper’s Magazine.

And please, i’m far too old to have picked one to sample and far too senile to remember where they were.

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Damn This Thing!

I thought i was getting a website, but it’s a blog! with entries all stacked up with the newest on top. Besides, i haven’t been able to figure out how to build the sort of menu i had on my old site.  So i gave up and got my friend Geo to build the site for me.

On the other hand, i did finally find where WordPress hid the html editor and the style templates, so i’ve been mucking around making minor changes to website structure that i don’t really understand.

I feel like i’ve just performed an appendectomy on my child. I mean, all you gotta do is cut ‘em open, find the appendix, cut it out, and sew ‘em up. Right? What could go wrong?

Doubly Secure


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