May 2013


Well, i’ve bought the domain and the site is coming soon.

Meanwhile, it’s wonderful to get back to posting, as it struck me this morning that it’s just a month and a half until San Francisco’s Gay Pride celebration, and i’ve thought of the perfect show for the crowd that fills the Civic Center grounds at the end of the parade – an auto da fé, the public entertainment pioneered by the Roman Catholic Church in which condemned heretics are given the opportunity to beg forgiveness while being burned at the stake. In remembrance of Christ’s love.

In this case, it’ll be His Grace, Salvatore Cordigleone, Archbishop of San Francisco, who is dragged to the middle of the plaza, chained to a waiting stake heaped high with dried faggots, and burned while the crowd drowns out his screams with cheering.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will provide marshmallows on sticks for the children.

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