7 April 2013

Another Modest Proposal

Many of us have followed with interest efforts by the Roman Catholic Church and its allies to prevent gays from getting married, even in civil ceremonies at City Hall or in the handful of churches kinder and more generous than the Roman Catholic. Some of us have a problem with this. Hell, the majority of American Catholics now disagree with their church hierarchy on this issue.

However, i have put aside my resentment and am cheerfully accepting the hatred and bigotry of His Grace, His Holiness, and the entire church apparatus between them. I am now suggesting that we should not stop with excluding gays from marriage.

No, indeed. I call for all Americans to join me in a campaign against gay funerals, using the logic that allowing gays to have funerals undermines the sanctity of the coffin.

gay architectureAnd once we’re successful in banning gay funerals, we can take on gay architecture:

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