27 March 2013

Visiting Friends

First Church of Christ Scientist in BerkeleyMy friends David and Chris from St. Louis are visiting, and i’ve had such a wonderful time trying to keep up with them that i’m exhausted, which means that the next few posts will be mercifully brief, serving simply as a framework for some photos marginally worth sharing.  David’s an architect and got us a private tour of Berkeley’s First Church of Christ, Scientist.  Weird cult or whatever, at least they had the sense to get Bernard Maybeck to do their church, and it stands now as a hundred-year-old jewel.  Here’s the ceiling in the main sanctuary.




Afterwards, we went on up to the UC Botanical Garden, where i found this lovely new leaf coloration on a Tsuga sieboldii, the Southern Japanese Hemlock.

Tsuga sieboldii


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