5 March 2013

The Bay Lights

Last night my friends Andrew and Frank hosted me at a party in their 50th floor home in the Millennium Tower, where we had a superb view of the premiere of Leo Villareal’s astonishing light show, The Bay Lights.  Magnificent views, good provender, and a lovely crowd made for a delightful evening.

The capper, though, came when i descended from the clouds to the ground and discovered that a snappy little rain had started to provide some entertainment for the Segway ride home.  No, it wasn’t a hard rain even though by the time i got home my lower legs beneath the raincoat were soaked and my toes were squishing, but it was great fun because quite a few bicyclists had been similarly surprised, and we absolutely wallowed in our shared adversity.  Lotsa joking on the themes “This wasn’t supposed to start until after i’d got home,” “Aw, just testing my rain gear,” “Got room under that poncho for me?”

And yes, it’s still springtime, and surely you didn’t think i was going to try to photograph The Bay Lights when their website is full of shots far finer than i could do, not to mention video clips.

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