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Some exciting food blogs are out there, and here are four of my favorites, in the order in which i discovered them:

No Salad as a Meal – He’s been slowing down on additions, but this site is still a valuable resource for foodies, especially Bay Areans.  I find the restaurant reviews almost always spot on, the food tales are highly entertaining, and the site design is great.

Mus E Yum – The new primary focus here seems to be on environmental issues, but he continues to make food entries, and you can’t go wrong digging into the sizable menu of reviews on new bakeries and small restaurants.  Some fascinating reading here, and  excellent ice cream coverage.  What is it about butterfat?

Cook and Destroy – A recipe blog, this one by a southern California surfer.  Who says surfers can’t cook?

Elmwood Eats – This one also focuses on recipes, all scrupulously step-by-step and mouth watering.  And what is it about food writers and photography?  All of these sites have good photos, and Elmwood’s are fabulous.  My food photos rarely turn out, and often i’m reduced to posting pics that veer into the grotesque.  One the other hand, her photos here make my little heart pound in its chest, sometimes in pure envy rather than gracious admiration.  I mean! She makes spent eggshells beautiful!  (See the Lemon Bar recipe.)

wedding cakeMeanwhile, since i don’t have any spare eggshells, here’s a wedding cake closeup:

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