27 January 2013

Herring Season

The herring run has recovered sufficiently that a moderate harvest is being permitted this year, so i bought a moderate three pounds yesterday.

Fresh Herring


Brought them home and filleted them, gently lifting out the roe and milt sacs which i lightly floured and sauteed in butter for a lunch. Then put the fillets in brine overnight in the refrigerator. This noon i packed the fillets in jars with red onion and lemon slices and poured a pickling solution over them, following this Swedish recipe. Here they are.

Pickled Herring


Gonna wait a couple of days to try ’em, but the good news is that i’m over the first hurdle. Since i didn’t wake up dead yesterday morning from eating all those innards on Saturday, at least i know the herring weren’t poisoned. I’ll eat a bunch of the pickled ones tomorrow and wait a couple of days before i give any away.

First come, first served. Get your bids in now.

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