Breaking the Silence

I’d put off posting new material here since we all knew the world was going to end last night at the end of the Mayan 13th b’ak’tun.  Instead, to my great surprise, the 14th b’ak’tun started up seamlessly at about three AM as i slept right through the transition.  Damn, good thing the world didn’t end, or i’da slept through that, too.
The big news around here focuses on health issues, the first one being the failure of my ankle to heal properly after my orthodoc had pronounced the leg bone OK back in October.  But see, that got complicated because he had told me to pick up an ankle brace and wear that instead of The Boot that i’d been clumping around in, but when i stopped in the Special Foot Stuff Store on the way home, it was crowded and i didn’t feel like waiting.  And then decided i didn’t really need no steenkeng ankle brace.  Ummm yes.
Of course that left me in a difficult position when my ankle kept hurting because i can’t very well go crawling back to the orthodoc now and whine about my ankle since he would doubtless feel a need to extract from me an explanation of why i was not sporting an ankle brace.  And of course by now i’d forgotten the name of the damn Special Foot Stuff Store or where it was other than way the hell out in the avenues someplace more or less between here and the orthodoc’s office.
But i found another store and bought a brace, and the kind young man helped me put the thing on with all the damn straps in the right places.  And oh, does it ever feel good.  It’s like two strong, loving hands are clasped gently but firmly around my ankle.  Warm and loving hands.
Meanwhile, i was out at the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market the other day and encountered this busker i’d enjoyed hearing before, but this time i actually stopped and listened for a while as he sat there improvising on his cello.  It was so good that i bought his CD.  Joshua McClain
Wouldn’t hurt to try for a good pic, but for now this’ll have to do:
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