20 December 2012

Holiday Feasting

Back during one of the previous oil price runups, chicken farmers in East Texas figured out that they could strike a balance between heating the chicken houses in the winter and just giving the chickens extra food to grow them to market weight in the allotted time.  So when the price of natural gas reached a certain level vis à vis that of Purina Chicken Chow, the chickens had it a little colder but got more to eat.  I thought about that a couple of weeks ago, looked down at those three pounds of Noe Valley Bakery’s superb pecan pie that i’d put on at Thanksgiving, and reached for the thermostat.  Yep, i’ll just shiver ’em off before Christmas.

And it’s working.  Well, along with cutting back on the carbs, increasing the weight on more exercises, and adding more tenths of a mile to my elliptical trainer routine.

Dry Rot

Meanwhile, last week i rode over to Carol’s on Potrero Hill, and we went out to The Ramp for a fine long afternoon of unsweetened tea, conversation, and photography.

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