Reine Claude

Email from readers always makes my heart leap with joy, but i got one a couple of days ago that was also an educational experience. See, i like to label myself a foodie and secretly think of myself as rather knowledgeable. But this guy asked if i knew a San Francisco source for Reine Claude jam, which sent me frantically googling because i’d never heard of Reine Claude.

Turns out Reine Claude is the French name for Greengage plums and at least i knew what those were since a vendor at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ market had some of them in 2004 and i made a jam of them that was so good that i lay in wait for them and made jams again in 2005 and 2006. Then i got so senile that i didn’t see them in 2007 and they fell off the edge of my memory.

Now i’m so interested that i’m gonna hunt for them next summer so i can make more of that jam. The problem, though, as the vendor explained, is that almost nobody grows them anymore because the trees are unreliable producers and routinely go on strike every couple of years or so – not behavior that endears them to farmers who grow them for a living.

So the first part of the hunt is tracking down that vendor. Stay tuned.

Stop DrivingMeanwhile, here’s some exhortational sidewalk graffiti on 3rd Street in Santa Rosa

And here’s a nifty graffiti site that i blundered onto while trying to figure out which letters are doubled in “graffiti”.

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