26 November 2012

Stop Me

My best friend Louis got an especially witty letter published in this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle about California’s new emissions cap-and-trade system:

Business warns of business
Business groups are arguing that a cap-and-trade system will jack up gasoline and electricity prices because businesses will find a way to game the system like Enron did.

Ahhh, yes: Stop me before I kill again.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/letterstoeditor/article/Letters-to-the-Editor-Nov-26-4065578.php#ixzz2DNcRYAWv

Meanwhile, on Thanksgiving morning my friend Gloria took me and a friend’s dog for a walk east along Santa Rosa Creek all the way to downtown. I cheated and rode my Segway.



Surely you didn’t expect a nature shot? Well, OK



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