Williams, Arizona

Saw the Grand Canyon and didn’t fall in. Actually, the first viewpoint was insufficiently scary owing to sturdy guardrails, well anchored into the ground and set back several feet from the precipice.

So was the second although it was enlivened by a couple of young men who’d somehow clambered onto an outcropping. Gasp.

South Rim, Grand Canyon

The third, however, had no guardrails of any sort to block the view into the chasm. Better yet, the approach to the unguarded edge was a wide plane of loose gravel sloping gently toward the brink, and as you crunched closer to the precipice you realized that if you stumbled or worse yet, tripped, you’d slide. And if you didn’t make it all the way over, you’d be lying there dead of fright with your feet extended over thin air.

Grand Canyon

Surely you didn’t think i was gonna get close enough to that edge to take a shot looking straight down.

To complete the day, i drove on down south to Williams, Arizona, where i picked up an Arizona map and some useful commentary on the new bridge over the canyon below Hoover Dam. If the ones at the Williams office are any indicator, Arizona chooses delightful men for their tourist bureaus. The young woman at my motel enthusiastically recommended a “down home” place for dinner. It was packed with locals, the staff were all nice and very helpful, and the servings were enormous. If only the food had been good.

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