Just West of Denver

Today i backtracked about ten miles on I-80 so i could drive south down through the Flaming Gorge and across the gorge atop the dam on the Green River.

Flaming Gorge bridgeHere’s a pic of the bridge over a side canyon of the gorge just a mile or so west of the dam. This is the only pic from the first half of the trip that i managed to post before i dropped the damn laptop and lost all the other pics.

Went on south and east until i hit I-70 at Rifle, Colorado, and took that over the continental divide and down into western Denver where i spent the night.

You know how sometimes a Great Insight comes to you upon reflection and you realize that your interpretation of events has been wrong, all wrong. Well, i got to thinking about my encounter with the Angel Moroni as i was standing there in front of that water fountain beside the Mormon Tabernacle, and i realized: it was the water.

Of course. If the Mormons could pull off the Mountain Meadows Massacre and a century and a half of diligent coverup, they would certainly be capable of slipping a little something into the water supply for that fountain so that visiting gentiles, already softened up by the grandeur of the tabernacle, could be made even more susceptible to hallucinations that might trigger a conversion like the one i experienced. Of course.

So it came as a great relief to understand that Mormonism is still a monstrous cult after all and that i don’t need to change my will and Becky won’t need to hunt around for some colorless, odorless, and tasteless seasoning for a dinner for me. I’ll tell her in the morning that i’ve reconverted back to atheism, but as a cautionary measure will just take her to lunch rather than staying for dinner.

And regarding the Mountain Meadows Massacre, don’t worry. Justice was served. John D. Lee – the man who singlehandedly ambushed and surrounded the Fancher wagon train, starved them out, and then slaughtered in cold blood a hundred and twenty men, women, and children – was finally tracked down twenty years later, tried in a Mormon court, convicted as the sole miscreant, and executed. Case closed. Church blameless.

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