Good Deeds Repaid

Late this morning i had the idea that i’d take advantage of my increased mobility now that i can go short distances without a crutch, so i hopped on the Segway and rode down between the 3rd and 4th Street drawbridges with the idea that i’d sit there in a pleasant spot reading Pinker and watching the bridges until a sailboat came along and they were opened so that i could get photos of them in the open position as the boat was passing through.  Been wanting to do that for some time.

But no sooner than i’d got settled comfortably, a thought struck me.  I normally ignore them, but this one was persistent and finally got through.  What kind of sailboats use Mission Creek? the thought nagged.  Ahhh, yes, those moored by the houseboats at the farthest navigable point.  And when, on a gorgeous day like this, would those boats be passing beneath 3rd and 4th Streets?    Well of course, as they are setting out in the early morning and returning in the late afternoon.  So i’ll be sitting here waiting until at least five this afternoon.  Oh please.

But it was a pleasant ride and i realized that since it was lunchtime i could swing by SoMa StrEat Food Park on the way home and maybe catch the superb garlic noodles from the  Little Green Cyclo truck.  Alas, they weren’t there, but i spotted a gyros truck (not on the StrEat Park’s vendor list) and gave them a try.  Very good.  Maybe the best pita i ever ate, but the meat was merely good.  Not that there was a shred of it left.

The best part of the meal, though, was not the food.  Shortly after i started eating, the table next to me was occupied by a young mother with a toddler.  And they’d barely started eating when the little girl needed to go to the bathroom.  The mother sat there looking around in indecision, and i intuited the problem, so i offered to keep watch on their food and the stroller while they took their bathroom break.  Nice to be able to help.

They returned as i was finishing my sandwich, and i wished them a good day and Segwayed off.  Decided to stop at Safeway, so i took the sidewalks and parallel streets along Duboce, and was approaching Guerrero when i realized i’d left my pack beside my table.  Nothing of value in it except my good Segway lock, which would be useless to anyone since it was locked.  But still, on the off chance i could retrieve it, i whirred back down Duboce at top speed. Screeched into the StrEat Park and sure enough, they’d finished their meal and the woman was wondering what to do about my pack.

Just wonderful when good deeds are repaid almost instantly and a reminder that i must seek opportunities to do them.

Meanwhile, speaking of opportunities, i caught a glimpse of this photo op last July as i was merging into a FastPass only lane at the Bay Bridge toll plaza.  Risked life, limb, and the lives of my fellow mergers to get this shot:

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