Mr. Do-It-Himself

I went to my beloved Luscious Garage a few days ago for routine maintenance/oil change, and as i came in the door i noticed there, basking the afternoon sun, a photo opportunity. So i took it.

Nice play of light and all that, but what is it? It’s about the right size and shape for a first generation Prius battery, but this one looks a bit Daliesque.

Well yes, it seems that Mr. Do-It-Himself decided he could save the three hundred bucks and just drop a new battery into his Prius at home.

Alas, Something Happened, and the damn thing exploded on him. Well, actually, the good news is that he was standing at the opposite end of the car, so it luckily didn’t actually explode on him, and he was uninjured.

At least until he had to have the car towed into Luscious and, in the process of telling ’em what happened, sustained third degree burns over 85% of his pride.

And Luscious? Oh no, they didn’t exactly rub it in although they did park the damn wrecked battery right at the front door where everybody and his dog can see it, wonder what’s going on, and ask.

Me, i was gonna put a new bulb in my dome light but decided i’d better go ahead and leave it to nice people who know what they’re doing. After all, i’m planning on this thing getting me to Vancouver and back in a couple of weeks.

And for the want of a dome light…..

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