14 August 2012

Crutches, Smutches

Those who know me will probably not be all that surprised that i’ve again indulged my penchant for high tech, ecologically benign vehicles.  Here’s my latest acquisition.  It’s called a “knee scooter”.
To get around the city i can tow the knee scooter behind the Segway uphill and then tow the Segway behind the knee scooter downhill.  Why the double vehicle thing?  Simple.  Going uphill, you can go a lot faster on the Segway because the knee scooter is powered only by your good leg.  For going downhill, the Segway has a governor that prevents it from going over 12 MPH in balance mode, but if it’s turned off and towed behind the knee scooter, you can coast down the hill at much greater speeds.  Ahh, the best of both worlds.

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