Crutch City

I sure have done a number on myself this time.  I mangled my foot so badly that the orthodoc tells me he can’t do the surgery now because the hemorrhagic fracture blisters on both sides and the top present too great a risk for runaway infections and other hideous complications, and i’d just as soon keep this foot for a while longer, as curious as i am about Oscar Pistorius’ Cheetahs.

Warning:  if you Google “hemorrhagic fracture blister”, don’t look at the images as they’re disgusting.  Even more so when they’re at the end of your own leg.

The good news is that he did more x-rays yesterday and was pleased that i had somehow managed to do something right so that the fractures had not expanded.  So now he’s dangling the possibility that if i can stay off that foot and keep it elevated until the blisters resolve and the traumatized tissues heal, the fractures may have closed on their own and surgery won’t be necessary.

Woulda tapdanced out except i knew it would hurt too much.

So now i’m learning how to use crutches and and to keep that leg elevated when i’m reading or writing or watching the Olympics.  Well, or sleeping, but mostly reading.  Today i’ll begin Quicksilver, the first volume of Neal Stephenson’s massive (900 pages each) three volume Baroque Cycle.  The perfect thing to read during a time of enforced idleness.

Meanwhile, some local flora.

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