2 August 2012

Food Issue

OK, so much for the political rants.  Well, after i mention overhearing some visiting Louisianans complain about how we lazy Californians are allowed by our tax and spend socialist government to lie on our backs and suck in for free a surfeit of the nation’s precious oxygen.  But now let’s talk about something we can all agree on:  food.

I’ve written about my discovery of Gilberth’s and going there with both Sybil and Gloria.  My new restaurant discovery, if i can call it new since it’s been around practically at my doorstep since 2006 even though i’d never eaten there, is Aslam’s Rasoi on Valencia off 21st Street.  My friend Mark took me there the other day for the best Pakistani/Indian food i’ve had in many years, maybe ever.  We had an appetizer of the Bengan Pakoras, slices of battered and fried eggplant, that was quite good and followed that by the best tandoori chicken i recall eating, wonderfully flavorful, moist, and tender.  Our charming waitress upsold us from the Saag Gosht to the evening’s special of marinated lamb chops with a side of spinach curry, and yes it doubled the price but oh my goodness was every bite sublime. The lamb chops were melt-in-your-mouth tender and the spinach was divine.  We skipped rice but shared an order of excellent naan.

And yes, sitting here writing about that visit got me so fired up that i  started thinking about it this afternoon while i was at the nearby Bartlett Street Farmers’ Market, where i picked up some of Arata’s wonderful little extra potent nectarines that gradually ripen on my laundry porch without getting all squishy and got into such a good rap with Mr. Arata that i totally blew off grabbing some of those truly fine pink Brandywines from his handsome neighbor although i did fit in some schmoozing with Cynthia at Dandelion Chocolate.   And stopped at Aslam’s on the way home for the Saag Gosht and a piece of naan.  Oh good grief.  saag gosht is my favorite Pakistani/Indian dish, and i’ve never had it better…even when eaten under Charmazel’s wing.  Eat at Aslam’s Rasoi, folks.

Meanwhile, to keep this post from running on, i’ll save the rest of the food news but mention that i’m gonna give you a little rest from all the flora pics now and focus on other things.  Like this new trend in urban security that amplifies the tendency of folks living on streets with a lot of pedestrian traffic to erect barred gates in front of their entryways.  Now they go ahead and extend the entryway by building a cage out to the foot of the steps:

caged steps

Or this one, also on 18th Street in the gentrifying block between Guerrero and Dolores.  That light colored stuff on the tips is the curare.

caged steps

Meanwhile, in a related theme, some low income housing on Capp Street.

low income housing

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