27 June 2012

Hancock Horticultural Report

Went out today to have lunch with my friend Dick and stopped on Hancock Street to pick him up.  Since i was across the street from Oliver’s floral abundance, i took some pics.

Here’s Oliver’s gigantic mutated version of the Bird of Paradise, taken yesterday morning.

Giant Bird of Paradise

And here it is this noon.  Those flower structure thingys are about a foot long, and notice that the lower one is just starting to open at the top!


We picked up sandwiches at Ike’s Place and retired to Dick’s place to eat them.  Here’s a Jatropha podagrica on his deck.  The diameter of the entire bud structure is only a couple of inches.

Jatropha podagrica

And here’s his Euphorbia milii (formerly E. splendens).  Each bract is about a centimeter across, with the whole bloom structure about three inches from left to right.

Euphorbia milii


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