I didn’t discover Gilberth’s until last week, when i rode over on the Segway for lunch, which is maybe a bit more dramatic than it sounds because the place is located at 2427 3rd Street between 20th and 22nd (21st being unaccountably absent), almost precisely due east of me all the way over the top of Potrero Hill and then down nearly to the bay.  Here’s Patty Untermann’s review, and as usual, she’s spot on. The fried brussels sprouts looked burned when they came to the table, but no, they were perfectly caramelized and sprinkled with little curls of Manchego.  Astonishingly good.  What they called “Chicken Salad” was a small breast, flattened and briefly broiled, napped with the house chimichurri, and resting beside a big heap of arugula with chunks of avocado.  Some of the Yelp reviews have criticized the service, but the lunch waitress who helped me was both efficient and friendly. That lunch was so delicious that i went back last Monday for dinner and had the superb fried chicken livers, tender and creamy inside and crispy on the outside, with a spectacularly thin batter.  I was in such rapture over them that i can’t remember what that sauce was even though i did dunk some of them.

fried chicken livers

I couldn’t resist ordering the quinoa-crusted alligator cakes although i suspect they were on the menu as a concept item and were so highly seasoned that they could just as well have been water moccasin.  I mean, you need to order them once, but that’s enough.  The sauces were more interesting and the plating was great.

alligator cakes

They also brought that bread plate Patty mentioned. Excellent sourdough and tasty sauces. Oh, and to drink i had a Trumer Pils, from Trumer Brauerei, of Salzburg and Berkeley, “seit 1601” although i think the Berkeley brewery came along a little later. And finally, highest marks for the restroom decor.

restroom decor


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