Back in the Saddle Again

I crowed a bit prematurely the other day when i announced that i’d be tearing all over the city on my recelled batteries because i woke up the next morning sick.  Grrrrrr.  But now i’m recovered and this morning rode down to the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market to deliver some thank-you products to the Hamada crew and leave a puddle of tears in front of their gorgeous Brooks cherries since i’m not gonna spend my carbograms on anything but nectarines.  Well, and my niggardly one damn cup per day of hot chocolate.

But it’s wonderful to be back in the saddle again, and i got full confirmation of that this morning after i pulled up on Market Street beside a bright black Escalade that had been unfairly caught by the light at Sanchez.  As he roared past me down Market when the light changed, i couldn’t help noticing that his mufflers had been enhanced to more adequately herald his horsepower, but even so, i somehow slipped quietly past him in the bike lane as he sat there at Church Street, throbbing at the light.

When the light changed, i started immediately while he was trapped behind an idiot waiting on damn pedestrians to turn right, so i got halfway up the block before he was finally able to roar past me again at somewhat fuller throttle, only to have to skid to a stop at Dolores, where i caught up to him again as he sat at the light.  This time he was the lead car, so he roared past me again even louder until he had to stop to wait for the green right arrow at Duboce, which was unnecessarily red even though there was not a single pedestrian using the crosswalk.

I smoothly purred straight on down Market on the green light, catching his eye in his side mirror as i passed him for the fourth time.  He seemed to be reflecting upon the radiant injustice in being passed repeatedly by a whirring insect, and it looked as if he’d mistaken my ear-to-ear grin over being back on the road as some kind of twisted Schadenfreude or something.

Another reason it’s wonderful to ride down Market is seeing all those sites that had sat as empty holes for several years now bustling with renewed activity.  Of course that damn Obama’s just doing it because there’s an election coming up.

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