Back to Point Bonita

I couldn’t stand it. There were so many beautiful things to photograph at Point Bonita and few of my pics turned out decent last time, so i had to go back.

Here’s a shot of the bridge. When i mentioned before that it was a virtually exact duplicate of its predecessor, i didn’t know that a motivation for this besides aesthetics was that it obviated the necessity of an Environmental Impact Report. Well, yes, even us far left San Francisco liberals understand that sometimes it’s better to just tiptoe through the loopholes.

View to the north off the bridge


Housing for a park ranger and family. When they tell the kids to go out and play, they add, “Stay in the yard.”


And finally, some flora. This stuff would send a bryologist into backflips. Ummm, naw, they’d probably say it was common as dirt, but i sure was impressed. It’s on the cliff face immediately to the right of the entrance to the tunnel as you’re headed to the lighthouse.


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